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Example Student Welcome Activity

*** Please note that these are example instructions and NOT the instructions you will use for participation. Once your school has selected the administration setting and sign in method, you will receive personalized school-specific instructions on the website ***


Participation is simple and will only take about 30 minutes. Please plan enough time so you can complete the activity in one sitting.

  1. Have your student ID number handy. You may be asked to enter it during the activity. Using your browser go to and follow the prompts.
  2. Your participation code is: ‘[Participation Code]’. You will be asked to enter this when you first sign on.
  3. Complete the assignment by yourself, not in a group with your classmates. This respects everyone's privacy.
  4. Write down your completion code on the line at the bottom of this handout. This completion code is your way of verifying to your facilitator that you have completed the assignment. Turn in your completion code according to the instructions given by your facilitator.
If you experience any difficulties, consult the troubleshooting guide below. If the issue still isn't resolved, please contact your facilitator as soon as possible to let them know.

Important points


We work hard to minimize technical problems, but sometimes issues come up. Here are some problems students have experienced in the past and the best ways to solve them.

Closed Page

Problem: You accidentally closed the browser window.
Solution: Go to the website and sign in again, just like you did the first time. The program will continue where you left off.

Warning Message or Connection Expired Message

Problem: Your screen says that the connection expired or a similar warning.
Solution: Click the “reload” or “refresh” button.

Lost Location

Problem: The program restarted from the beginning.
Solution: Skip up to the part where you left off. The answers you previously provided have been saved, but the server lost the page you were on for network reasons.

Note: Some pages may not allow you to advance until a certain amount of time (about 5 seconds) has passed.

Cannot Connect to Website

Problem: You cannot access the page when you go to
Solution: Check if you can access another website, like If not, there is a problem with your Internet connection. If you can connect to, but you cannot connect to, wait for a few minutes and try again. You can also try using a different browser (for example, if you are using Firefox, try Chrome or Safari instead). If the connection still does not work, try again later and let your facilitator know what error message you received.

Images don't load

Problem: You don't see some of the images or an article you are directed to read.
Solution: Try signing out and signing in using a different browser.

If your issue is still not resolved using one of the solutions above, please promptly inform your facilitator.

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